Typing jobs, data entry and more jobs from home

Data entry requires quite little training, so it’s relatively simple to start. There’s no ramp-up period and no requirement for extended exercise, that isn’t always compensated. You can simply plug in and go.

It also does not require any type of educational or professional background. This makes it easily accessible to pretty much anyone who’s interested in doing work online– there are quite a few barriers to entry.

And lastly, information entry is simple. It really does not demand any skill or bravery on your part, so it’s not very intimidating.

For every one of these reasons, data entry has ended up being some sort of “holy grail” for the person who’s fresh to the concept of working out of home and not sure precisely where to start or what all is available.

If you are looking to get an online job now, there are several open opportunities (We only direct you to the opportunities):

1. Get paid for Captcha typing

2. Get paid for filling surveys.

3. Get paid to test apps.

4. Become virtual assistant.

4. Open account on Fiverr and get typing jobs (Free Fiverr course here)

Bonuses for our friends!

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–  Home based micro jobs course – free for our friends